Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Himakajima Island

So, I took a train and ended up at Himakajima Island, basically Hawaii.First of all, the name Himakajima Island is funny, because when translated into English, you are saying Himaka Island Island. But, this was a 50 minute train ride south to Kowa port right the edge of the Pacific ocean, then a boat ride out to the middle of this area between Mikawa bay and the ocean....On the island, there was not actually much to do, other then eat, watch dolphins, lay on the beach and rent bicycles. So, I went with the bike rental and spent all day riding around and ringing that little bell on the handle bar. If you look at the sign on the front of the bike, there is a phone number. But it's missng the first three numbers of the phone number, they just kind of assume you know that.Which was cool, it only cost Y1000 to rent the bike all day and I was able to see the hole island. Riding both the main roads and through these neighborhoods where the passages were not more then a meter wide for miles.And these side walks were not only used for walking, but also biking, moped'in, they even had carts to carry stuff down the alleys made just wide enough to fit. It was crazy, at every intersection, there was a mirror, so you could tell if you were about to be in an accident.

You can always learn stuff in Japan by looking down at the sewer covers....... and it turns out the Himaka Island is very famous for octopus. They are caught in these little red buckets, somehow the octopus just swims into. Then people come from all over to enjoy them for dinner. Typically, they are dried in the sun held open with sticks.This trip, I was not really hungry, but I want to go back sometime and try this. Everyone on the island said the tako was good!


Erin said...
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Erin said...

wow those octopi look kind of freaky.