Monday, May 26, 2008


Turns out Tokyo is a really cool city, there is so much to see and this past weekend I made my fourth visit. On the way back from the Sea Life Park, we took a water taxi through Tokyo Bay and went pass all this cool architecture, check it out:This is a television station, a few blocks from a bride we pased under. As we passed under the bride, a white stretch Lincoln Towncar passed over, probably to pick up someone famous at the TV station. I posed the question, "whats the idea behind that building?" In response, "well, it's a TV station, and would very difficult for a hijacker to take over..." I could not agree more, that would be difficultInteresting Office Building.
Making my way through the bay.
All over the bay were these junk boats, well boats made to look like junk boats. I think they were all actually really nice tour boats, a couple were even playing music and had parties going down. You can also see the Tokyo Tower in the background, it's a very famous landmark that provides good TV reception for people cell phones.And in this last photo, if you look really really close, you can see the magic kingdom and mt. Disney... which looks like a tiny mt. Fuji.

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