Sunday, May 18, 2008


Like Chicago, it's cool how your running group becomes your extended family. I'm way behind updating the blog, but a couple of weeks ago, they invited me to a BBQ, I had to go.Okay, to understand a BBQ in Japan, we must first think about what's up at a BBQ's in America. Typically, someone sets up a party in a park or back yard, everyone shows up and the host cooks. With a spatula. In Japan, first thing you need to do is find a park (in this case, after a 14km run).It turns out a lot of cities in Japan are centered about rivers, and along the banks of the river is a park. In this case, the BBQ is in Shin Kani, which is in the middle no-where. Far from Nagoya, still made for a great running area, because of the mountains around the city which the run took advantage of. Next step, start the fire.Since summer has started, I have been to two BBQ's and each time people seem to have a hard time starting the fire. They use straight up charcoal with news paper and it never works. It's a team effort though, people take turns trying to get this thing going.One of the first things that makes you ask yourself "what's going on?" is it's not the host who cooks but everyone, for everyone else. Then no one uses tongs or spatulas, but cooking with chopsticks.Best of all, the food is really good, as you can see, it goes fast. Kind of a Korean flavor.

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Erin said...

Hey you posted! Excellent. BBQ looks good, yum.