Monday, April 14, 2008

Tokyo, Trip 2

Yesterday, it was back on the Shinkansen north bound to Tokyo. I went to visit with Yukie and a couple of friends from Seattle who had a weekend long layover in the city. Even in this short one day trip I saw so much that I want to post on here, but it's getting kind of late. Through out this week I will do that, but for now lets talk about the Shinkansen again.

We can now ask the question, if a train leaves Nagoya traveling north at 170 mph, and another train leaves Tokyo traveling south at 170 mph, how difficult would it be to take a photo perpendicular as they pass each other at 340 mph, only a few feet apart?Turns out it's actually really hard. They pass each other about every 10 minutes. And as long as these trains are, you only have a few seconds to point and shoot. And it's rather amazing when they pass, you can feel a wave or compression from the two trains through the wall of the car and through your body. It feels kind of like a bass in a small club.
Check back through out the week, lets check this city out some more.


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