Saturday, April 5, 2008

That Building Over There

Check this out:It's called the Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers, I think it's towers because there are two buildings here. But I'm not really sure. Either way, this thing dominates the Nogoya skyline, and it's no where near the tallest building.It's about 170m tall, really short compared to the Sears tower at 442m or even the Columbia tower in Seattle at 285m.... but you know, who ever drew this and was able to sell it had more style. As cool as it is, it must be the worst use of space ever.When the earthquake hits, I kind of hope to be standing somewhere in this area to see what kind of engineering they pumped into this tower.


Erin said...

I wonder can you check out the inside?

Demian said...

you know, if I can't enter through the lobby, I think I can climb up the outside... like Godzilla.