Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ring Of Fire

This past Monday morning at 7:34am local time a special solar event took place in Japan, an eclipse called the ring of fire. I was lucky enough to be north of Tokyo in a city called Utsunomiya. It was also a clear day.
 About 20 minutes before the moon was going to pass in front of the sun, walking to work.
About the time of alignment, seen reflected through binoculars.
Just after alignment, the moon is about stop blocking the sun, this event lasted about 30 minutes.

I took these images with an iPod touch and blogged this using the same iPod. If this post looks bad I will fix it later. But I was able to view the eclipse using special solar glasses and the image of the eclipse reflected through binoculars.  The next solar event is 6/6/2012, the transit of Venus I hope to see this too.  Venus is much slower though, it takes 5 hours to pass the sun.

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Erin said...

Cool! We missed it here because it was raining.