Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thin Wall Tube Failure

I guess this is lateral / torsional style buckling, but this afternoon I was biking from the train station to home.  During the ride, I hit the small curb between the street and sidewalk and bam, my bikes seat post failed.
Right now I have three bikes that I use almost daily, during the past year all three have had problems.  Typically flat rear tires or chain falls off, but this is the first bike to became a victim of fatigue. This happen half way home, I had to finish biking standing up on the peddles. I like to think it's because these bikes were designed for the Japanese market, not for someone like me.
Here is a reflection of the bike back before buckling began.
I will have to stop by my local bike repair guy, see if he can swap this post for a new one.


Erin said...

Did you fall off when it happened?

Demian Flores said...

No. Luckily it was not a catastrophic failure. After hitting the curb I started to sink and had time to figure out something was wrong.

Ed said...

What happened to all those bike tools you got about 9 years ago? Go to a bike shop to replace a seat post? My head hangs in shame. ;)


Demian Flores said...

That was 9 years ago, wow!

I have the bike tools here in Japan, taking the bike apart is no problem. Trying to figure out how to say 'new seat post please' is the challenge.

Ed said...

Time flies when your having fun, huh.