Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making a Shine Temple: Part 3

October 2009, work started on a shrine across the street from my apartment. Single lane street.
Two years and one month later, work completed on a temple across the street from my apartment, a street that is now a two lane road.  The temple 'new open' was actually on November 11, 2011, the day I was leaving for Thanksgiving in Detroit.  Unfortunately, I had to leave for the airport before the celebration began.  The grand opening was probably the first and maybe last chance to see the inside of the temple.  Note, monks were able to complete a temple faster than the city of Nagoya was able to complete a road.
The temple is a really beautiful building, but it turns that is typical that you have to be a monk or a member of the temple to go inside.  I did not know that.
The monks occasionally do open the front gate, I assume it's okay to walk around and check out the garden area.  So here is a quick tour, below is the front gate.
Just inside the gate and to the left is basin for washing your hands when you enter the temple.  The water for this basin is provided by a dragon.
Some Japanese characters over the front door, I don't think it's the name of the temple because these characters don't match the ones at the front gate.
Looking back from the temple, you can see the inside of the front gate and my apartment in the background.
One last view looking back at the temple from the corner of the rock garden.  I hope one day when I'm walking home the temple will be open for tours.

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