Monday, December 19, 2011

Downtown Detroit

I was lucky and was able to travel to Chicago and Detroit a few weeks ago during thanksgiving weekend and visit with family and friends.  I also had time to take a quick drive (dad at the wheel) through downtown Detroit and see what's new and old.
One interesting ruin was this building that use to be behind the Statler Hotel before the hotel was demolished in time for Super Bowl XL.  
It turns out the above building was once occupied by the Detroit Automotive Club Inter-Insurance Exchange, or what became AAA.  So, it's kind of funny that today it's graffiti'ed with car references and recent events.  Below is an image from Google maps, showing the same building in June 2009... We will have to check back in 2015, see what's up with AAA building.
Eastern Market was basically closed for business the day after thanksgiving.
 Cork town, still nice.
Anyways, Go Lions!!!  It's wildcard time.

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