Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shikata Ga Nai

You may have heard the the above phrase, shikata ga nai, mispronounced on US news this past month, it means "it can't be helped." Japan seems to make it more difficult for foreign people to get a driver licenses, but for the past three years this was no worry to me because I had no need to drive in Japan. But this year is different from the past three, this month my US license was to expire and I figured I could just go get it transferred to a Japanese license. I need the Japanese license to continue driving when I visit the US. From the time I submitted the application to by birthday, I had time to take the particle driving test three times and ended up failing all three times. Shikata-ga-nai!!!Above is map I made to help remember driving course B, you are given the course A or B, I was lucky enough to get B all three times. You have to memorize the course and drive it during the test, if you get lost, you fail.Above is the Toyota Comfort Deluxe. The Comfort is the standard taxi cab in Japan, it drives like a boat. It is also used for the driving test.Here are a few views of the driving course, above is the sharp turn, if you bump the curb, you fail.Same as above, bump the curve you fail. I was good enough not to bump the curve all three tries, I failed on turning in the intersection I think.My big error was, when you approach the light to turn right, you have to hug the white line on the right. I had a too large gap, but if you hug to tight, you fail.Good luck! My new plan is to get a license next time I visit the US.

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