Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gamagori and more bike stuff

Gamagori is a city east of Nagoya in Aichi prefecture.Gamagori is notable because you can rent for free electric assist bikes made by Panasonic for the whole day.These bike are pimp, from Gamagori station, exit towards the ocean, turn left and find the information office.Once you are there, submit a $12 deposit and they give you a bike. MSPR, these things cost about a $1000 and have a range of 18km.... Make biking really easy.When you start to peddle, the bike can tell how much you are working. If you are working to much, it will take over and get you on your way. Above is the control system, you can pick between auto, power or eco mode. I have picked auto mode, you can also see there is 2/3rd power left. So what can you see in Gamagori?There is a temple at the end of that bridge. And:Koyasu-Daishi on the top of Mount Kobo... Mt. Koko at 84 meters above sea level, no problem to reach the summit if you have a free-to-rent electric assist bike.

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