Sunday, July 4, 2010


Over the past year I have been using a Nikon D90 to take most of the photos on this blog. About a month ago I was able to pick-up a used Leica M8 and have been using it since the Seattle trip.Above is the camera en route to Korea. The Leica is kind of dumb camera if you compare it to a modern dSLR, for example it is manual focus, almost manual everything, no flash, slow continuous shooting, no video, poor view screen, the list goes on. But it is also really nice, it is made mostly of metal, uses Leica lenses, smaller-size and make better images then most dSLR. And as you learn how to use it, you can focus it faster then a dSLR on auto mode.Here is my D90, it's also a great camera too. I'm planning on traveling more with the Leica and hope to take the D90 up to the summit of Fuji later this year.


Erin said...

Taking pictures of cameras with cameras, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nifty camera you got there, Demian. Bring it with you when you come visit next time!