Friday, December 4, 2009

Seoul: Food

Seoul food is delicious!In Japan, when someone warns you and says "careful, this is spicy," it's typically not spicy, but maybe salty and usually expensive.In Seoul, everyone embraces that food is spicy, in fact I think you might get warned if there is a lack of spice, something like "careful, that is bland." Above is a fish in boiling something dish. It was also served with rice and kimchi. The above dish cost about $4, food is also cheap in Korea.I think Korean food is 5 to 10 times cheaper in Korea then in Japan and the US. Above is a vegetable and meat dish boiled in soup. The waitress is helping us out.My biggest problem was I can't speak any Korean, so I had to rely on the point and nod method of ordering.

Of course, the best Korean restaurant is still Song Do located at 4918 N Lincoln Ave on the north side of Chicago... The food is a little over priced and fairly authentic, but you can also pick up a case of old style on your way there. That is next to impossible in Korea.

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nana said...

I am looking for some good spicy and sour kimchi when I go there:)
BTW, Japanese probably cant find any good adjectives for Wasabi hot and Japanese Karashi (JP mustard)... may be this is the reason we says "careful, this is spicy."
but it was good pick-up for " it's typically not spicy, but maybe salty and usually expensive". :)