Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chinuchi Dragons

This past Monday was the third game in a series of three, if the Nagoya Chinuchi Dragons won against the Tokyo Yakult Swallows they would advance to play the Tokyo Giants in what is basically the world series of Japan. If they lost, well, the game was played in Nagoya, so everyone could take the subway home. Either way, I had yet to go to a baseball game in Japan and I was concern if I missed this game I would have to wait till next year.... So I went!!!To summarize, Second-place Chunichi rallied from a one-game deficit to win the final two games of the best-of-three series, they crushed the Swallows 7-4, it was embarrassing.This was an amazing baseball game, from the first pitch to the last out everyone was focus on the game and not distracted by things like yelling at the other teams fans or checking stocks on i-phones. Here are a couple of things that are different from MLB games:Bento Box. In this case, the Bento box is shaped like a baseball jersey, #3 is Tatsunami who is going to retire this year.Plastic bats. Everyone had plastic bats used to make rhythmic noise, they were in use the entire game, from the first Dragons pitch till after the on field news conference ended.Japanese cheerleaders!The 7th inning stretch was replaced with 7th inning karaoke, but the lyrics on the bottom of the screen was way beyond my ability to sing along.

Above is a few minutes of Baseball in Japan, please enjoy.

Anyways, the Tokyo Giants are kind of like the Yankees, the Dragons can be compared to the White Sox. Go Go Dragons!!!!!!

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nana said...

Nice edit. It's amazing the way Dragons Fun cheer!
Dragons lost tonight but we have tomorrow! Yes!