Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gozaisho Hike

Gozaisho is a mountain about a hour outside of Nagoya by bus on the edge of Mie prefecture. The summit is 1212m and the trail head starts around 400 or 500m, not to difficult.I did this hike with a group of people from Nagoya and none of us could figure out how the rock in the middle got perched on top of those other two rocks. Someone theorized the use of a helicopter.Here everyone is trying to get down a more difficult part of the course.Here is a view from the summit.This view was from about 1100m, if difficult to see but off in the distance is Aichi and the metro Nagoya!!If you are feeling a little lazy, but still want to visit the summit, you can take the rope way trolley too. Thanks to the rope-way, at the top of the mountain are a bunch of people wearing high heels and other clothing not really good for rock climbing, it's kind funny.

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