Saturday, May 30, 2009


This past week I moved to city called Utsunomiya, and will probably be here for one or two months. Utsunomiya is about 42 minutes north of Tokyo on the bullet train which is nice because it makes a large part of Japan that is typically difficult to get to accessible.

For my first trip out of Utsunomiya I went to the an area of Tochigi prefecture called Shiobara and visited small villages called Monzen and Shingama.... I visited Monzen because I got lost though, not really my original plan. These area is up in the mountains and is know for having many suspension bridges over these wide rivers.
Above is the first suspension bridge found, it was named Yamayuri.The second bridge is named Nanatsuiwa, this was my favorite of all the bridges because no one trusted it. As people walked up, they would grasp the main cable and shake it, I assume they were checking it was strong enough to carry there additional weight.You can see everyone looking down, keeping an eye on that bridge.Here is the third bridge I found, its called Senniniwa and is in the village of Shionoyu. This was near the trail head that runs through most of the mountain range.The trail runs along rivers like this, I hope to make it back here soon.

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