Monday, April 13, 2009

Space Needle

Still There!

I never really felt the need to go up to the observation deck and I was able to avoid this till a few weeks ago when a couple of co-workers from Japan needed an interrupter for dinner at Hooters and asked if I could help. Hooters of course is downtown, not far from the Space Needle and after dinner everyone wanted to check this thing out. It was a clear night, this this was my first view from the 4th floor of the Space Needle, taken at night:If you ever feel the need to up to a high observation deck, I still recommend the 96th floor of the John Hancock center. There is no cover at the door, nice tables and chairs to use and you can get a Chicago Sidecar. Granted, the mountain view from Chicago kind of sucks, you can still see Iowa on a clear day.

I have been in Seattle since March 1st and plan on being here through mid-may. I kept getting e-mails about how I'm missing the cherry blossoms in Japan, but don't worry. It's cool, we have that here too!

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