Monday, January 5, 2009

Rice Cooker

This is my rice cooker....A friend passed this to me before she moved back to the US last month, but I have not used it yet. Today, I picked up some rice and after an hour or so figured out how this thing works. At first I keep warming up the water, then I set it to make rice tomorrow, then pushed something that lead to cooked rice. Even typing the words on the front of the rice cooker into my cell phone dictionary did not help. According to my cell phone, the three characters on the lower right of the display translate into: hot water used outside a bath tub. Tomorrows task is to figure out how to re-warm the left over rice from today.


avitania said...

I have this same rice cooker, but the buttons are in English. I don't know how to re-warm rice, though; usually I just use the microwave. I love the little tune it plays when you start the rice cooking, and the little tune it plays when the rice is finished! Zojirushi makes the best appliances. :)

BTW, hi! We met at the BEAN event you attended in Seattle. I love reading your posts - it makes me want to visit Japan again soon!

Erin said...

It looks like a robot.