Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Island..... in the sun..

When your daily commute takes you between Nagoya and Handa, you can easily forget that you are living on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, and that there must be beaches at the end of each train line or road.Yep. So far this year, Nagoya has been the hottest city in Japan, guessing, I would say for the past month the average noon time temp has been around 94 deg F.By Tuesday, you start thinking to yourself, I should be at a beach today, Wednesday you are on the internet looking for a new beach, Friday you are figuring out how to get there and on Sunday, everything seems to work out. Above is Wakasa bay in Fukui Prefecture, the body of water is actually the Japan sea. It's really nice, This past Sunday a couple of friends and I went here to relax and get away from the city. Out in the bay they had three platforms that I just keep swimming between, my friends rented this boat and paddled out to that island on the top photo.Turns out there was an onsen behind it.

The beach below is on the southern end of Aichi Prefecture, in a city called Utsumi.I was here two weekends ago, this beach is nice because it is a 28 minute train ride from where I work which can work out well on Saturdays.There is also a Mos Burger in Utsumi, which is kind of like White Castle.

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Erin said...

oh man i would be there every day